Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech 1:
キーノートスピーチ 1

Miida Seiichiro
三井田 盛一郎

Tokyo University of the Arts 

About “ZURETA” Translational language and Native language
「ずれた」について  翻訳的言語と母語

A print as a picture using a print format has come and go between the artist and printing. If you compare this print with a language, is it a translated language or a mother tongue?

Keynote Speech 2:
キーノートスピーチ 2

Lisa Bulawsky

Washington University in St. Louis

Calculating on the Unforeseen

To celebrate the misprint in printmaking is to pull back the curtain (or lift the press blankets!) and recognize the value of what is always hiding behind. To celebrate the happy accident is to celebrate the creative act itself and the discovery of new knowledge.

Keynote Speech 3:
キーノートスピーチ 3

Jan Svenungsson

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Fail Better

In my talk I will look at how meaning in art is unstable. I will discuss how it can come into play through mistake and error, contigent on the artist’s choice. Following from here, I will consider the position of the artist in a new reality were imaginary truths and alternative facts are promoted also by non-artists