2017.05.26 FRI – 05.28 SUN  10:00 – 18:00


Misalignments, like misprints or mistakes and misunderstandings, are a constant source for innovation. They are a worldwide engine powering creativity. The symposium will bring together artists and scholars from different countries to discuss how the unexpected result of a mistake can trigger the creation of new art works. As all the participants share the use of printmaking as means of artistic expression, we hope the symposium will allow to learn how colleagues all over the world use their failures for inspiration. Printmaking has its origin in the creation of mass media, and a world that is dominated by the media needs tools to question what mistakes mean to it.

Keynote Speakers

Lisa Bulawsky, Washington University in St. Louis

Jan Svenungsson, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Miida Seiichiro, Tokyo University of the Arts