NEON Gallery

(Center for Applied Arts. Center for Innovation, the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw)

 April 15 untill April 30, 2018.

Galéria Medium / Medium Gallery 

in Bratislava, hosted by the Academy of Fine Art and Design Bratislava

March 15th to April 1st

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Zureta Exhibition at the Exhibition Hall of the College of Fine Art of Shanghai University. 2017.12.03 – 2017.12.20

The first stop of the zureta exhibition traveling around the world is Shanghai University.

The opening reception was on the 3. of December and the show will be up until December 20th. A catalogue of the show has been published in Chinese and the exhibition has been enlarged by art work prepared by the graduate students of the College of Fine Art.

Here is a glimpse into the Exhibition Hall:

Chinretsukan (TUA Exhibition Hall) Tokyo

2017.05.11 THU – 05.28 SUN 10:00-17:00

*Closed on Mondays

*From 26th to 28th until 18:00, Gallery 2F only


Art History loves to tell the story of the perfect masterpiece done by the genius, but all artists know that quite often outstanding work is created through failure rather than success. Printmaking is a complex process that offers plenty of opportunities for failure and mistake. All artists in this show share this experience and offer us work that they created after being inspired by a mistake. We choose to call the show “zureta” , because misaligned plates often have inspired a new work. We are happy to welcome young artists from 19 Universities out of 14 Countries and 5 Continents to share their “zureta moment” with us.


Victorian College of Art Melbourne (Australia), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Austria), University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria), University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), College of Fine Arts Shanghai University (China), Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (China), Academy of Fine Arts Munich (Germany), University of Fine Art Budapest (Hungary), National College of Art and Design Dublin (Ireland), Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Italy), Tokyo University of the Arts (Japan), The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (Poland), University of Art Bratislava (Slovakia), University of Johannesburg, Department of Visual Art (South Africa), Royal College of Art London (England), School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston at Tufts University (USA), Webster University (USA), Washington University in St. Louis (USA), University of Guam (USA)


Elias Toner, Isabel Rumble, Takuro Yokoo, Frank Furtschegger (KNARF), Victoria Vinogradova,  Assunta Abdel Azim Mohamed, Katya Krauchanka, Ana Lucia Calzavara, Marina Zilbersztejn, Huang Mengzhu, Yin Yuan, Bin Huang, Xingbing Pang, Marco Stanke, Aron Herdrich, Ieva Jakušonoka, Eszter Bocsi, Kiss Botond, Jessie Hopkins, Michele Hetherington, Cristiano Rizzo, Virginia Dal Magro, Kanami Hano, Kei Imai, Koyomi Horioka, Fernando Saiki, Shiori Ichikawa, Shoko Osugi, Simone Philippou, Sosuke Ueta, Yukiko Kishi, Beata Filipowicz, Gabriela Gorączko, Pavol Truben, Heidi Mielke, Lisa Linossi, Bianca Barandun, James Jessiman, Alexandra Wollins, Margaret Stage, Mia Mendoza, Taylor Leighton, Anna Joo, Joleen Unas, Katlyn Sutherland, Sven Ingmar Thies