W.B. Yeats Print Exhibition


The Embassy of Ireland and the Tokyo University of the Arts are marking the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan with a prestigious exhibition entitled “A lonely impulse of delight” featuring original works from some of Ireland’s top writers and artists. Inspired by the poetry of W.B. Yeats, these visual artists and authors have created original works in printmaking, photography and the written word. The exhibition also aims to bring the work of Irelandʼ s celebrated poet and 1923 Nobel-prize winner, W.B. Yeats, to contemporary audiences through the work of living artists and writers. The exhibition opened in Dublin in 2015 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of W.B. Yeats birth and then travelled in Ireland and internationally, including venues in the USA, Sweden, UK, France, China and Japan.

Entering into a dialogue with their colleagues from Ireland, students and faculty of the Tokyo University of the Arts, Printmaking department prepared a portfolio of prints inspired by the writing of W. B. Yeats together with Richard Gorman and Ed Miliano, two artists whose work is also featured in “A lonely impulse of delight”.



Norman Ackroyd, Yoko Akino, John Banville, Jean Bardon, Eavan Boland, Michael Canning, Lisa Chang Lee, Diana Copperwhite, Michael Cullen, Niamh Flanagan, Paul Gaffney, Martin Gale, Richard Gorman, Stephen Lawlor, Louise Leonard, Kate Mac Donagh, Kelvin Mann, James McCreary, Ed Miliano, Paul Muldoon, Niall Naessens, Lina Nordenström, Lars Nyberg, Edna Oʼ Brien, Hughie Oʼ Donoghue, Barbara Rae, Aoife Scott, Vincent Sheridan, Amelia Stein, Donald Teskey, Colm Tóibín

Tokyo University of the Arts W.B. YEATS Print Collection

Azusa Takahashi, Kei Imai, Koyomi Horioka, Kanami Hano, Simone Philippou,  Shiori Ichikawa, Sosuke Ueta, Yukiko Kishi, Seiichiro Miida, Michael W. Schneider, Raita Miyadera,  Kazuki Sakai, Kei Yamazaki, Nao Osada, Toshinori Tanuma, GUESTS: Ed Miliano and Richard Gorman printed by Itazu Litho-Grafik, Satoru Itazu


Organized by Embassy of Ireland in Japan and Tokyo University of the Arts

In cooperation with SO Fine Arts Editions