It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of ‘Cross-Currents’, the first of a two-part bilateral exhibition project, between students from Tokyo University of the Arts, and the Faculty of VCA and Music, University of Melbourne.

The work in this exhibition developed through a collaborative program of lectures and workshops, conducted simultaneously in both institutions, focussing on the unique attributes that printmaking offers to installation as a practice, and the outcomes that might be generated through an investigation of inter-contextual and interpersonal problem-solving.

The project began with the selection of 7 students from each institution, who were randomly and anonymously paired. A set of instructions was issued and became the catalyst for an exchange of objects, such as drawings, text and sound files. Dialogue followed in the form of exchanged printed image, three times crisscrossing geographic borders and reactively constructing each layer of the printmaking response. Finally, the anonymous players met via Skype, to share thoughts on the nature of pictorial space, printmaking process, installation concept and cultural identity.

‘Cross-Currents’, presents an installation, offering speculation on the intersection of printmaking exchange, culture, and interpretive processes.


Exhibition 展覧会

Cross Currents-横断する潮流

-GEIDAI/VCA Collaboration project-

7. June – 14. June 2018

10:00-17:00(土日休/Closed on Saturday and Sunday )


東京藝術大学 上野キャンパス
美術学部 絵画棟1F

yuga gallery


Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno campus
Fine Arts department, Painting building 1F

yuga gallery


Artists 展示作家
石部 汐里 / Michael McCafferty, Grace Spence
久保田 智広 / Ben Stephens
朱 夫誠 / Jen Tarry Smith
鈴木 あかね、本村 綾 / Chalk Hook
田沼 可奈子 / Keren Simmons

宮下 咲 / Giulia Kelly


Program Coordinator プログラムコーディネーター
Cassie Karnilowicz Mizuno
Julie Irving



Event 関連企画


Artist talk アーティストトーク

Adrian Kellett / エィドリアン・ケレット

7. June, 2018 15:30-  / 2018年6月7日 15:30-


東京藝術大学 上野キャンパス

美術学部 絵画棟低層部2F リトグラフ工房


Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno campus

Fine Arts department, Painting building 2F Lithograph studio


エィドリアン・ケレット氏はメルボルン大学、ヴィクトリア・カレッジ・オブ・アーツ(VCA)の版画スタジオのコーディネーターとして2000年よりスタジオ運営を務め、近年はリトグラフのカスタム・コラボレティブ・ワークショップSunshine Editionsを立ち上げ、アーティストとのコラボレーションによるリミテッド・エディションのリトグラフ作品の制作を行う。

ケレット氏はVCAで版画を専攻し、学士・修士課程を修了。また、ニューメキシコ大学、タマリンド・インスティテュートにてリトグラフを学んだ。今回、東京藝術大学では藝大/VCA版画交流プログラムの一員として、VCAの新たに改装されたスタジオとSunshine Editionsでの作品についてプレゼンテーションを行います。


Adrian Kellett works as the Printmaking Workshop Coordinator at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, where he has overseen the running of the studio since 2000. He also has recently launched a custom collaborative lithographic print workshop, Sunshine Editions, where he collaborates with artists to make limited edition lithographs.
Adrian has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Printmaking from the VCA and studied Lithography at the Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico. While at Geidai as part of the VCA/Geidai print exchange project Adrian will present a discussion of the newly renovated print workshop at the Victorian College of the Arts and the work of Sunshine Editions.

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